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A signature relaxing facial tailored to your skin needs helping with, brightening, clearing, hydrating, pigment or ageing. 

30 min $65

60min  $110

Add Tri-Zyme Peel to any Facial 

Enzymes, plus raw honey and natural alpha hydroxy acids to perfectly resurface, hydrate and smooth, skin, papaya and honey extract, dissolve away, dead cells and infuse skin with powerful antioxidants that nourish protect and Brighten. 


Add Multi Layer Peel to any Facial 

* this Peel  is for second time treatments due to needing to prep your skin with our  Priori serums. 

Multi layer peeling exfoliation made up of all different molecule Size AHA’s that way it penetrates at all different skin levels for achieving superior multi layer exfoliation. Also has BHA is perfect for decongesting, refining pores and killing bacteria. 
Plus four  vitamin skin antioxidants to protect your skin. 
This Peel is a real skin treat.



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